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Rago = Results

Jerry Rago is well known in the trophy bass scene as both an angler and a lure designer. He creates swimbaits that seem to catch fish when others can’t. Rago’s baits have fooled thousands of giant bass in all corners of the USA and Japan. Rago Baits are premium swimbaits that catch bass all over the country. Professional anglers Skeet Reese and Byron Velvick have used Rago baits to win back-to-back Bassmaster Elite Series events on opposite ends of the US (California and Virginia). Skeet Reese used the Jerry Rago SKT Swimmer in route to a whopping double-digit margin victory at the April 2010 Bassmaster Elite Series “Blue Ridge Brawl” on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, outdistancing his closest competitor by 15-09 lbs. Byron Velvick used the Jerry Rago Top Hook BV 3D swimbait in route to his wire-to-wire victory at the 2010 Bassmaster Elites GOlden State Shoot Out on Clear Lake, California. No other swimbait maker can boast the number of major tournament victories that are attributed to Rago Baits! There’s a reason why his baits are available at TackleWarehouse. And now, they’re available at Oak Ridge Marina!

Rago? What the heck is a Rago???

Jerry Rago is hands-down one of the top swimbait designers and makers in the WORLD. He’s one of those left-coast California guys but when ya’ hear what he’s done, you won’t hold that against him. His baits DELIVER!

Making Big Fish Baits Since 1994

Jerry started designing and creating swimbaits back in the mid-1990s. What started as an exercise to hand-carve a wooden rat that would catch fish turned into a desire to master the science of swimbait design and production. Since then, he has sold thousands of baits and, between his baits and baits he has helped others design, he has had his hand in several of the best selling swimbaits of all time.


One look at a Rago Weedless soft plastic bait tells the whole story. Quite simply, these baits are gorgeous and in a league all their own! Jerry Rago is well known in the trophy bass scene as both an angler and a lure designer. Rago’s baits have fooled thousands of giant bass in all corners of the USA and Japan. NEW from master lure designer Jerry Rago are the Rago Weedless swimbaits! Quite simply, these swimbaits are gorgeous and in a league all of their own! The paddle tail delivers so much action the entire body moves as it swims lazily through the water. The embedded hook pocket supports a 10/0 hook buried in the pocket to allow for an excellent hook set every time! Rago Weedless swimbaits are available EXCLUSIVELY at Oak Ridge Marina for $16.99.
“Engineering and designing lures to do what I want them to do in the water is my passion.” - Jerry Rago OAK RIDGE MARINA is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for RAGO BAITS

Swimbait Universe Readers Pick Rago

Readers of Swimbait-Universe recently cast a whopping total of 460,750 votes over several weeks, spanning across 4 major brackets and 32 of the most popular swimbaits of all time, to rank the Jerry Rago Soft Tool the number 1 most desired swimbait on the market! See the full head-to-head rankings at Swimbait-Universe.com!

4 for 54!

In February 2004, Jerry caught 4 bass at Lake Casitas weighing 12-0, 11-0, 9-8, and 8-0 on a Rago Generic Trout. Not bad for a day of fishing.

Rago Weedless In Action

Video provided by Lake Fork Guide Billy Lawson