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85°F - 65°F
11-15 mph SSW
10% of 0"

86°F - 62°F
9-10 mph SSW
10% of 0"

87°F - 65°F
10-15 mph S
10% of 0"

Fish Tales

04/12/16 Strange days at Fork... Weather and water temps have made for a crazy spawn. Beds are full one day and empty the next. If you fish on the RIGHT day... Lot of blanks but there are still 7-12 lb fish caught almost every day. Just not a lot of them. Fish are trying to get to about 50% spawned but there are LOTS of fish still full of eggs. 03/25/16 Randy Oldfield, guide & jig angler extraordinaire, couldn't BUY a bite today. He picked up a Rago Weedless and on the 3rd cast, caught a 6.5# bass. He unbuttoned the fish, handed the rod to his customer and told him to throw it. First cast: BANG! 8.5# hawg kills it! Just some more RAGO MAGIC! Next shipment should be arriving soon at Oak Ridge! 03/11/16 Yesterday: Water rising fast. Fish in 1' of water. Today: Water dropping fast. Fish play it safe by backing out to a little deeper water. Don't wanna' get caught hi and dry! 03/05/16 Low numbers last week have turned into decent numbers this week but the larger fish are still showing up one at a time. Chatterbaits, lipless cranks, swim jigs, flukes and swimbaits. 02/25/16 Lot of recent rain has raised the lake level and changed everything. - 9.4# caught on pig & jig today in 12' of water, adjacent to shallow flats - 8# on a red trap 02/18/16 We're getting closer... 11# bass caught on C-rig today. Others had success with red lipless crankbaits and chatterbaits of various colors. 02/12/16 Tough, tough and more tough... No happy anglers today. Three stories: (1) Shallow (2) Grass about 6-8' (3) Stacked UP deep. Sounds like the majority of fish right now are staged out deep waiting for the right moment and their turn to move in. 02/03/16 Wind, wind and more wind... Small cold fronts coming through but aren't here long enough to really impact water temps. Still hearing 52-54 degrees. Some say they've found 60? Rumor has it a 10.25# bass came from shallow water last week on a red trap. Sounds about right. - Lipless cranks - Squarebills - Chatterbaits - Swim jigs 01/30/16 Winds were tough today. One angler reported 85 mph with gusts to 105! (Felt like it, anyhow...) The only pattern we're hearing about is sand bass by the dam. Look for baitfish activity and you'll find all the sand bass you can handle! 01/20/16 Weather patterns put a serious damper on the fishing there for awhile but it looks like we're starting to see some improvement. The lake level has been stable for about a week now. Starting to hear of bass being caught shallow (6') with white swim jigs and white trailers. Also sounds like lipless crank baits are starting to do the trick as well.

Lake Fork Weather Today


0-0 mph South
30.20" +
85°F - 62°F
7-10 mph S
10% of 0"

Avg: 73°F
Record: 89°F

Avg: 52°F
Record: 27°F
Rise: 7:36 am
Set: 6:33 pm

Rise: 5:40 am
Set: 5:46 pm


Lake Fork Rumor Mill

03/12/16: Don't miss the big Swimbait roll-out going on right now at Oak Ridge Marina! - The customers love it! - The guides and tournament anglers hate it cause we're giving away all their secrets! 02/18/16: Lake Fork Anglers club topped out at 50 members today. Winning bag of about 19# was caught by Bob Roberts. Stan Norton in 2nd with about 15#. Kenny Moser brought in an 11# hawg for third. Congrats, gentlemen. 02/12/16: Texas High School Bass Association tournament this weekend out of Lake Fork Marina! Good luck and BE SAFE! 02/06/16: Texas Fishing Forum (TFF) Guides Tournament here at Lake Fork today. Final Results: (1) Team Gary Paris - 36.12# (2) Team Andrew Grills - 27.09# (3) Team Richard McCarty - 22.11# (4) Team Jason Conn - 20.02# (5) Team Billy Lawson - 19.05# Most fish were caught in skinny, Skinny, SKINNY water! 01/20/16: Yes, it's true. Giant Salvinia has been found on Lake Fork. TPWD is attempting to contain and treat patches of it in Chaney Creek. Please avoid crossing the floating booms if at all possible. REMINDER: Boaters in Texas are required by law to remove harmful plants and animals from boats and trailers before leaving the vicinity of a lake. In addition, a statewide rule requires draining of water from boats and on-board receptacles (bilges, livewells, etc.) when leaving or approaching public fresh waters.

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