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Best tackle store on Lake Fork!

You’ll know as soon as you walk in the door that this ain’t your grand-daddy’s tackle store. Product videos and big fish pic slideshows on TV monitors all over the store, AMAZING tackle selection, no dusty shelves, no sparsely populated pegs, no factory outlet clearance store. Tackle at Oak Ridge is a full-time activity that demands 24x7 performance! The end result is that we have the best selection of what’s new and what’s hot for Lake Fork! Our inventory is customer-driven. You ask for it, we get it. You ask for it twice, we stock it. We will stock ANYTHING, if it sells. If it doesn’t sell, we flush it and put new products in its place. We’re constantly monitoring sales and when sales of a bait slow down, we move it to the half-price bin and get something new in place of it. Our half-price bin is a GREAT place to shop! Best tackle selection on Lake Fork! Oak Ridge is the exclusive dealer in the Lake Fork area for several manufacturers including G. Loomis, Shimano, Megabass, Jackall, Biwaa, Imakatsu, Gancraft, Izumi, RAID and more. These companies recognize a quality operation and have proudly put their faith in Oak Ridge to represent their products! To keep things interesting, we’re always searching the deep recesses of the tackle industry looking for the next new thing or the lures you can’t find ANYWHERE else! We have the widest selection of swimbaits on Lake Fork! We even bring in special baits and colors from Japan that are only available at Oak Ridge! In most tackle stores, to figure out what the hot baits are, you look for empty pegs. Just the opposite at Oak Ridge. We know what the hot baits are, we order extra and do everything in our power not to run out. Look for the pegs that are over-flowing! Those are the hot baits! Best tackle prices on Lake Fork! You should also know that we don’t take advantage of you just because you’re at the lake. Our tackle prices are competitive with ANY store, online or not. Now, you don’t have to make a special trip to the big box stores before you come to the lake. We have everything you need for Lake Fork at prices as good or better than the big stores and WAY better than the other stores around the lake! Best tackle staff on Lake Fork! Our tackle store staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They’ll help when you want help and will let you browse when you don’t. We don’t pressure you into something you don’t need or try to convince you to buy something just because we’re overstocked on it. We stay on top of what works at Lake Fork. If we recommend a product to you, we do so because we know it works. Custom orders welcome! If you’re looking for something we don’t have or want a color we don’t stock, let us know. We’ll do our absolute best to get it for you. In many cases, we can have it here within two days! When it arrives, we’ll call you, put your name on it and put it in our will-call section. Just stop by next time you’re in the area and pick it up! Best door greeter on Lake Fork! Best of all, we have Remington, the world-famous door greeter who is always happy to see you when you walk in the door. He’s known for providing just that extra amount of luck you may need to win that next tournament. He may even try to help you pick out baits. Trust him for scents but don’t believe a word he says about colors!
The big stores may  have 40,000 square feet of display space but  Oak Ridge has the 2000 square feet you need for Lake Fork!
EMAIL: info@oakridgemarina.com
“This place is INSANE!”
“Best swimbait selection in this part of the COUNTRY!”