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Lake Fork Events Calendar

Lake Fork Events
02/24/24JCO Fork Solo
02/25/24Media Bass Fork Ind
02/29/24BassMaster Elite SeriesSRA Park
03/01/24BassMaster Elite SeriesSRA Park
03/02/24BassMaster Elite SeriesSRA Park
03/03/24BassMaster Elite SeriesSRA Park
03/09/24Media Bass Fork Team
03/16/24JCO Fork Team
03/17/24Media Bass Fork Ind
03/30/24JCO Fork Solo
04/06/24JCO Fork Team
04/07/24MEGA BASSLake Fork Marina
04/07/24Media Bass Fork Ind
04/14/24JCO Fork Solo
04/20/24Media Bass Fork Team
04/27/24TX Trails OpenOak Ridge Marina
04/28/24Media Bass Fork Ind
05/04/24Media Bass Fork Team
05/05/24JCO Fork Solo
05/11/24JCO Fork Team
05/12/24Happy Mother's Day!
05/16/24LegendLake Fork Marina
05/17/24LegendLake Fork Marina
05/18/24LegendLake Fork Marina
05/19/24Media Bass Fork Ind
05/27/24Happy Memorial Day!
06/01/24JCO Fork Team
06/02/24JCO Fork Solo
06/07/24Skeeter Owner'sLake Fork Marina
06/08/24Skeeter Owner'sLake Fork Marina
06/09/24Skeeter Owner'sLake Fork Marina
06/15/24Media Bass Fork Team
06/16/24Happy Father's Day!
06/29/24JCO Fork Team Champ
07/04/24Happy Fourth of July!
07/13/24Media Bass Fork Team
09/20/24Big Bass SplashLake Fork Marina
09/21/24Big Bass SplashLake Fork Marina
09/22/24Big Bass SplashLake Fork Marina
10/05/24Mad Dog MooreOak Ridge Marina
10/19/24BerkleyLake Fork Marina
10/20/24BerkleyLake Fork Marina
11/28/24Happy Thanksgiving!
12/25/24Merry Christmas!

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Fish Tales

04/11/17 WOW! Did you see that rain? The lake is up over a foot and a half in the last 24 hours thanks to that torrential downpour we had. Odds are good that whatever the fish were doing yesterday, they're doing something else today! 01/03/17 And so it begins... 70 degrees one day, freezing temps the next. Needless to say, we have not seen any consistent patterns emerging yet this year. On most days recently, you're just as likely to find fish in 2 feet as 40 feet!


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